Top and best moral storie in english for childrens “Boy’s Weakness”

Boy’s weakness

best moral storie in english for children

A 10-year-old boy has decided to study Judo despite the fact that he lost his left hand in the destructive car accident.

The boy started a lesson with an old Japanese Judo Master. The boy was doing a good job, so he could not understand why, Master trained only one step after three months’ training. “Sensei,” (Japanese teacher) finally said the boy, “Do not I want to learn more tricks?” “This is the only step you know, but this is just one step you need to know.” Feel replied.

Not enough enough, but the boy trained in his teacher. After several months, Sensex took the boy into his first tournament. Surprise himself, the boy won his first two matches easily. The third match proved to be more difficult, but after a while, it was unusual and charged. Boy used his own movement to win the boy. Still surprisingly, the boy was in the finals now.

At present, his opponents were big, strong, and more experienced. For a while, the boy appeared exposed. The fear that the boy can harm, the referee called out at a time. He interrupted when he was about to stop the match. “No,” insisted the feeling, “Keep it up.” After the match resumed, his opponent made an important mistake: he dropped his guard. Immediately, the boy used his move to catch it. The boy had won the match and tournament.

She was champion. On the way home, boys and emotions reviewed every step in each match. Then the boy requested a jirga to talk about his mind.

“Sensei, how did I win the tournament with just one move?”

The feeling answered. “First of all, you’ve almost thrown the most difficult in all Judo. And secondly, only for the sake of this move is to capture the right-handed defense.”

The boy’s biggest weakness was his biggest power.


: Sometimes we feel that we have some weaknesses and we blame for the situation, or ourselves, but we never know that our weaknesses can become our power one day. Each and every of us is especially important, sometimes you never think about any weakness, pride or pain, just keep your life alive and get better than that in your entire life. “

Components of a computer

Components of a computer with four basic units. These:
1 input unit: This unit is used to enter data and programs in the computer system by processing.
2 Storage unit: The storage unit is used to store data and instructions before and after processing.
3 Central processing unit: The CPU takes data and instructions of the storage unit and makes all types of calculations based on the instructions given. Then it is sent to the storage unit. CPU includes INTRYMETIC LOGIC UNIT (ALU) and control unit
4 Output unit: The output unit is used to store the result as production produced by the computer after the processing.


Advantages of Computer (benifits of computer)

Advantages of Computer

benifits of computer

Benefits of computer: Fast data can act very much data. Computers can work more effective than maximum humanity. It has automatically completed the complex tasks for the human being. It is considered to be the following benefits of the computer. The computer benefits data in the digital format. We can store the stores in store digital format, and store the data and store other homepage, and you can store the stores of the codes, and you can store the stores of the codes, and you can use the other software, and you have other universal, and you can use the other software, which can be stored only to use the use of the home, and you use it to use the Internet to use the Internet to use the Internet to use the Internet to use the Internet to use the Internet, you can use it to use for internet use.


Best sad and emotional sharayi in urdu for life “DASTAAN-E-DIL”



  1. . kehate hai kismat aur dost bouth tang krte hai….
    lakin jb sath dete hai to zindgi bdl jati hai…..
  2.  bouth roka lakin kahaan tak rok pata…
    mohabat bhartiii gayii mare gunha ki tarffff…
  3. . har kushi ma apki baat krte hai…
    aap salamat rahoo yeh sada faryaad krte hai ….
    yeh rub hi janta hai ….
    hum apko kitna yaad krte hai…..
  4.  dilun ko torhne k liye pathrun ki zurrorat nahi …..
    dil bikar jata hai lafzun se hii….
  5. hum na ishq kiya to jahaaan k guneghar ho gayee…
    wo dil todh k jase farishte ho gayee….
  6. . tujhe pakar khawab ma jaa kr …
    dil ka karar hi kho jata hai…
    ma kitna rokun kudh ko ..
    Tumse aur pyr hota ja raha hai….
  7. . sika na sakhe jo umar bhar…
    tamam kitabe mujhe ..
    qareeb se kuch chchre pdhe…
    aur na jane kitne sabaq mile…
  8. . kisi se pyr kr k use paa loo….
    to use kismat kehate hai….
    aur jo na mile use bhi pyr kro to usemohabat kehate hai…
  9. . kisi se ishq ho na ho magar….
    kisi se roz baat krne se …
    uski adat zurooor ho jati hai….
  10. . tum kro lo nafrat apne hisaab see…
    hum to mohabat be-hisab se krienge…

Characterstics of Computer

.Characterstics of Computer:

§ SPEED: Computer is very fast calculating device. It can execute basic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division at a few microseconds.

§ ACCURACY: The accuracy of Computer does not go down when they are used continuously for hours together. It always gives accurate results.

§ STORAGE: Computer has a very large storage capacity. It has an in-built memory where it can store a large amount of data. We can also store data in secondary storage devices like Floppy disk, Hard disk etc.

§ VERSATILITY: It means Computer can perform different types of job efficiently. Computer can work with different types of data and information such as visuals, text, graphics & video etc. at same time.

§ PAPER WORK REDUCED: The Computer reduces the paper work of any organization. The required data which was earlier stored in files, drawers and cabinets is now stored in the memory of computer. So Organisation can reduce the paper work.

§ MANPOWER REDUCED: The work which was done by many persons in an office can be done by one computer with more accuracy and efficiency. Thus an Organisation need less manpower or persons to employ.

§ DILLIGENCE: A Computer can work for long hours with the same accuracy and speed because it is free from the problems of boredom or lack of concentration.