Characterstics of Computer

.Characterstics of Computer:

§ SPEED: Computer is very fast calculating device. It can execute basic operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division at a few microseconds.

§ ACCURACY: The accuracy of Computer does not go down when they are used continuously for hours together. It always gives accurate results.

§ STORAGE: Computer has a very large storage capacity. It has an in-built memory where it can store a large amount of data. We can also store data in secondary storage devices like Floppy disk, Hard disk etc.

§ VERSATILITY: It means Computer can perform different types of job efficiently. Computer can work with different types of data and information such as visuals, text, graphics & video etc. at same time.

§ PAPER WORK REDUCED: The Computer reduces the paper work of any organization. The required data which was earlier stored in files, drawers and cabinets is now stored in the memory of computer. So Organisation can reduce the paper work.

§ MANPOWER REDUCED: The work which was done by many persons in an office can be done by one computer with more accuracy and efficiency. Thus an Organisation need less manpower or persons to employ.

§ DILLIGENCE: A Computer can work for long hours with the same accuracy and speed because it is free from the problems of boredom or lack of concentration.



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